We are now streaming our activities in the workshop live for all to see us at play. You may see us actually working on your personal order. The workshop is usually operational from 10:30am - 5pm Wednesday through to Saturday.

Viewing from the rear of the workshop the camera looks towards the main centre cutting bench where 60% of the work takes place. Behind and to the left of the cutting bench is the assembly area, this is used for various tasks such as stamping and embossing some of the leather articles as well as all the fixing of rivets, buckles and most of the hardware used on projects.

In front and to the right of the main cutting bench is the higher embossing bench. We use this bench in combination with the assembly bench for the embossing and designing of the leather items we work on. Look closely and you will see a lot of the stamps and different modelling tools used for this process. To the rear and sightly to the left of this bench are several sewing machines. Finally, far front of all is the dyeing bench (the dirty bench) with tubs of different dyes and finishes for edging the leather before assembly.

Several rows of red box storage drawers can be seen to the right which contain many various fittings and findings as well as a vast selection of various sized buckles of many different types and styles. These racks also provide an excellent place to hang completed articles, like harnesses and tack before shipping out to our customers.

In the far distance the sales and refreshment area can be seen where we welcome our customers to join us in a complimentary tea or coffee along with maybe a few biscuits while they chat or wait for small repairs to be completed.......